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Rick Eng, a founding partner of Oakhaven, currently acts as the Managing Partner for Richmond Everett. Having started investing in the stock market at the early age of 13, Rick immediately took control of his passions by picking up trading, and has since built multiple businesses. However, his desire to build relationships with clients and help others has led him to invest in and mentor countless entrepreneurs, as well as start coaching aspiring traders.

Having a natural flair for efficiency led Rick to push himself in his studies, allowing him to graduate with his Bachelors degree in Economics at the age of 18 from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Shortly after at 19, he obtained his Masters in Economics from his alma mater. He then served the military for two years, after which, he graduated with his M.B.A. in Finance at 23 years of age from California State University as well as Harvard's prestigious Global Business Program.

Rick Eng - Co-Founder

M.A. Economics, University of Hawaii

M.B.A. Finance, Cal. State University

Harvard, Global Business

Our Team: Testimonials

Warren Hou, Singapore

Associate Analyst

B.A. Business


Willis Leong, Singapore

Associate Analyst

B.A. Computer Science


Sidharth Nair, Singapore

Summer Intern

Diploma in Business


Iftekhar Shikder, Singapore

Associate Analyst

B.A. Finance, Economics


John Kekoa, Hawaii

Associate Trader

M.A. Economics


Jolyn Dione, Singapore

Resident Photographer

Our Team: Testimonials
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