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Hi, I am Klarice Tan and I'm currently 20 years old. I just graduated with a Diploma and I have a burning passion for the Food and Beverage industry. Being a part time chef in various commercial kitchens has sparked my interest in the industry, the culinary journey made me yearn for more, a dream of my own to open my very own store. Being a fresh diploma graduate, I did not have the funds nor confidence to start up my own business until Rick approached me. He recognized the desire and passion in me and in turn gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to have my very own store at the age of 20. Being a supportive investor, he placed ample stress on me while making things easier with his experience and guidance in entrepreneurship. I couldn't thank him enough for this opportunity has given me, which is the most priceless lesson in my life.

Klarice Tan - Entreprenuer

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