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About Us

Richmond Everett was first founded in 2015 by a trio of Graduate Students at the University of Hawaii and was then known as Oakhaven. Their main goal? To empower every individual with financial freedom by providing business planning, wealth planning, operational support, and entrepreneurial resources at an affordable price.

Today, the Oakhaven ideal is carried on through Richmond Everett, as it evolves to maintain its competitive edge for all shareholders. Richmond Everett now engages in 3 core businesses areas; Wealth Management, Investment Training, and Business Consulting.

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Business Consulting

Richmond Everett Consulting specializes in Business Solutions for SME's, start-ups, and sole-proprietorships; We specialize in anything from Marketing and Advertising to HR and Staffing.

On the operational end, we focus on efficiency optimization; our team has extensive experience in lean operations and maximizing cash-flow from the get-go. By optimizing your operational efficiency, we effectively transform businesses by eliminating waste, creating strong and sustainable cash-flows, while building a concrete base upon which expansion and growth comes easily.

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Our Mission

Richmond Everett strives to tailor our solutions to each individual client. We hope to take you every step of the way, be it maximizing your wealth through effective Planning, optimizing your business operations by customizing your Business Strategy or helping you learn to Invest, Richmond Everett aims to be your one-stop solution for taking any and every aspect of your finance to the next level.

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Wealth Management

Through our Wealth Management solutions, we focus on the theory of  Accumulation, Protection, and Growth of wealth for our clients. Led by our Harvard-Educated Partners, Richmond Everett empowers you by providing the peace-of-mind that comes with knowledge, when it comes to your finances that many individuals seek. We always incorporate our core proposition of efficiency into our solutions to help your finances reach their maximum potential.

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Our Value Proposition

At Richmond Everett, we specialize in Optimization and Efficiency Maximization. We are able to incorporate this into all of our business processes, as well as in our services to you. While there are countless options out there, Richmond Everett can offer you unique, proprietary & personalized solutions. We continue to strengthen our competitive edge by focusing on you, our clients.

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Investments & Trading

As our newest solution, Richmond Everett Trading strives to cater to the every-day individual, pushing the boundaries on the mentality that everyone can invest. Our goal is to break the stigma that only the rich can use their money to make money, as such, we strive to help every individual learn to make their money work for them. By doing so, you take the first step towards financial freedom, with Richmond Everett by your side.

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Frequently Booked

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Free Consultation


Our Free Consultation is focused on creating a personal bond between you and our team in order to assess your fit with Richmond Everett, as well as for you to determine our compatibility with you and your goals.

Once we determine that we would work well together, each client will be assigned their very own associate from our established team, who would then handle every area of your concerns for you with their utmost care and detail.

Richmond Everett Mentorship Program

Investments & Trading

Through countless runs of trial and error, our team has perfected an all-encompassing course that can be taken session-by-session, or through a lifetime Mentorship Program where you will be taught by your very own personal mentor to easily master the basics of investing and trading.

By taking the step to begin investing, you open yourself to endless possibilities of financial freedom, putting yourself one step ahead of your peers in today's competitive world.

Strategic Planning Session


With years of experience, our team posesses the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Richmond Everett Management, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company and it's competitive edge.

At Richmond Everett, we specialize in optimization and efficiency maximization, and focus on building and maintaining your company's defensive moat.

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